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IMCapture for Skype 3.0

A simple and reliable tool to capture Skype talks
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IMCapture for Skype is a conversation recording tool. It can record both audio and video conversations to your hard drive. IMCapture for Skype launches a control window, from where you can start the recording process. Calls aren't recorded automatically, but the application detects when one is in progress. It even detects when it is audio or video that is being played. The installation was very smooth. Skype told me that IMCapture wanted to have access to Skype and I allowed that.

The main window shows whether Skype is running or not and whether audio or video are being played. It also shows the current formats selected for the recordings. There are quite a few formats available. The default ones are GeoVid MP3 Encoder and XviD MPEG-4 Codec, for audio and video, respectively. When either video or audio are being played, a button to record will become available. Clicking on it will start the recording, and after it is done, a new window will appear asking you to convert the session to your selected format.

IMCapture for Skype didn't allow me to record video. When I started the recording, both IMCapture for Skype and Skype crashed. There was a message saying that version 1.5 was now available and that it had fixes for errors and bugs, but I already had version 1.6. So I have to assume that my configuration isn't supported at the moment. Yours might be.

José Fernández
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  • Good interface
  • Good output formats
  • Good integration with Skype


  • Video recording didn't work
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